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Bio-Diesel Fuel -- Friday, September 26, 2008

Participants learned about the economic and environmental advantages of using biodiesel fuel for your fleet, including:

· estimated cost savings of 30%

· higher lubricity factor that can extend the engine's life

· cleaner burning fuel (78.5% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions over the lifecycle compared to diesel fuel).

The Roundtable was led by EcoStar member Dr. Jesse Reich of Baystate Biofuels who will be offering biodiesel to area businesses for the low cost of $2.99/gallon in 2009. No modifications are necessary to convert to this type of fuel. 

Transportation Roundtable -- Friday, March 21, 2008

Attendees explored opportunities to collaborate on transportation routes to improve efficiency and save time and money.  Participants learned about some of the tools and services available that can help their organization

implement strategies that can lower fuel consumption, emissions, and miles traveled. To view select slides from the presentation, click here.


EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership

Freight Transportation for the Road

Collaborative Logistics: Increasing Supply Chain Management Efficiency

Overview of Carrier Strategies

Truck Engine Idling

Establishing Employee Transportation Programs for Community Commuters-- Dec. 2008

Representatives of local businesses discussed the possibility of developing vanpooling, carpooling, and online ride matching programs for Devens area workers. Involvement in these types of programs can position companies to be more attractive to prospective hires, help your employees save money, and decrease your organization's environmental footprintOrganizations interested in learning more can contact Dona Neely


Devens Transportation Management Initiative

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