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Recycle – Follow the Law and Save Money

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s Waste Ban requires proper recycling of a range of waste streams. Enforcement activities of this law (310 CMR 19.017) are increasing and solid waste haulers are prevented from dumping loads that include a significant amount of recyclable materials, including glass bottles and jars, metal containers, plastic containers with a recycle symbol, paper, cardboard, paperboard products, and batteries (lead-acid, rechargeable, and button).


In house recycling programs can facilitate compliance with this regulation as well as decrease a firm’s waste management costs by reducing the amount of solid waste that needs to be disposed. Programs that capture a significant amount of paper or plastic materials could even generate some revenue!

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Devens Eco-Efficiency Center Can Help You

The Devens Eco-Efficiency Center provides a range of services that help local establishments reduce waste and hauling costs, including:


· Info sessions and workshops to bring representatives of area establishments together to create cost-effective “milk-run” services to collect wooden pallets and food waste throughout Devens

· Audits to identify recyclable or reusable waste streams and production efficiency opportunities;

· Waste reduction plans that describe and prioritize strategies to decrease the amount of material sent to the landfill;

· Establishment or expansion of recycle programs, including vendor negotiations, procedures, signage;

· 96-gallon recycle totes and desk-side saddle baskets for collecting paper;

· Educational materials and outreach activities to facilitate support of recycling programs; and

· Diversion of reusable materials in the waste stream with identification of reuse opportunities.


The Eco-Efficiency Center will also provide this type of assistance to establishments as part of their EcoStar membership or for a nominal fee.  To learn more about the above listed waste-reduction services contact Dona Neely at or 978-772-8831 x3304.

Other Recycling Services:


Devens Recycling Drop-Off

99 Buena Vista Street

Devens, MA. 01434

(978) 772-1864


The drop-off center (located in the front parking lot along Buena Vista) allows Devens residents, businesses and employees as well as other local surrounding businesses and residents to dispose of a wide variety of items in a timely manner and at little or no cost.  The site is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.





Devens residents, businesses and organizations located in Devens can take advantage of recycling services based at the DPW, 99 Buena Vista Street. A compactor for paper and cardboard and a container for plastics, bottles and cans are located in the front parking lot. E-waste can also be brought, by appointment, for disposal with a small fee. More information about accepted materials can be found at

Waste Reduction Tips & Resources

Follow this link for recycling and waste reduction tips for businesses and residents in Devens.  More tips for Devens residents can be found here as well.  Also check out our Resources page for additional assistance.  When in doubt, contact Dona at



When disposing of unwanted electronics, be sure to work with recyclers that are R2 or e-Stewards certified and in good standing with regulatory agencies. Proper disposal of e-waste will protect your firm, confidential data, laborers, and the environment.